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When they believe in this world, they are a powerful force that can't be reckoned with. It's their healing energy and mindset that has helped shaped the world. The age of Pisces is considered the age of Christ who was sacrificial, full of visions, full of miracles, and continues to inspire many to this day to lay down their life for others and think of their neighbor first. A Pisces is like a built in disciple of Christ, or at least, a disciple in waiting because their route ahead of them comes with the mindset of a martyr.

I think the most important part in this relationship is to initiate.

Pisces Pisces Love Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius are both gentle parts of the zodiac and like to be approached. Pisces may have to work with its Pisces partner to overcome this. You'll need to put more energy into the relationship in leading as opposed to if you were dating a fire sign. You also will need to spend time figuring out how your partner is unique from you so you don't lose sight of them, and also can figure out what unique factor they offer into the world that can help teach you more about the world.

Pisces Compatibility

I think there is endless amounts of creativity between the two of you, so I encourage you to really explore each other and your brains. Know yourself in your alone time and how to explore your own mind, but when you can date another Pisces, you two together should explore each others' minds, build creative games, tell stories, play role playing games, spend time together at home and really get to know each other in an abstract way that others may never get the chance to see. In this relationship, you'll never tire of going through philosophy; both of you are incredibly open minded and willing to get yourself into new territory.

Without a doubt, a Pisces can focus too much on oblivion, nihilism, or apathy. When you are hurt, it distorts your gifts. Remember, all the things that hurt your feelings and make you feel insecure in this world, your partner will feel similar about those things. So it is good to treat your partner as you would treat yourself. What is the best possible relationship you could ever imagine for yourself?

I think looking at the world this way will help you successfully manifest a healthy and worthwhile relationship. Allow this relationship to strengthen your weakness and not become an addiction based relationship where you don't know how to stand on your own without your partner. Make sure you are spending time together and away.

Is Pisces Compatible with Pisces? - Zodiac Love Guide

This kind of method helps bring a nice ebb and flow to you and your partner. When you are always around each other, it can start to feel invasive, claustrophobic, and stale. So don't be afraid to have time just to yourself. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Andrea Lawrence more. The Compatibility Between Pisces and Pisces Pisces are the most dreamy, imaginative, and gentle of the zodiac. Don't Be Afraid to Initiate Things I think the most important part in this relationship is to initiate.

Be Wary of the Mirror Effect Remember, all the things that hurt your feelings and make you feel insecure in this world, your partner will feel similar about those things. Tips for Pisces in a Relationship With Each Other Make sure you are not the only one doing emotional homework but that your partner is also putting in a fair amount of energy to sustain, maintain, and enhance the relationship. You need a lot of affection and not just attention. All water signs crave affection. Make a pact with yourself to not get involved in a toxic relationship.

If you are the only one sacrificing in it and making a difference, you may be hurting yourself and not actually giving to unconditional love. It's okay to have days where you are serious.

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It's okay to have days where you just want to be a goofball. Say what is on your mind because it is important. People like to hear the thoughts you have. Couple that with them both being mutable signs , and you have a recipe for disaster, inertia or both. This may lead to a game-changing blow out or the Pisces Pisces marriage not materializing at all.

Pisces Sex

Each will not want to go outright and talk but send secret messages and flowers. Test Now! The flip side is that these ideas may come off seeming creepy, even to another sensitive Pisces. This will also breakup the Pisces Pisces relationship before it even begins! Another aspect of not managing their emotions is their response to their own hardships.

The Pisces personality easily blame others for their own weaknesses. Pointing the finger of blame becomes a big problem when your partner is another finger pointing Pisces. There is no outward fighting as such. This will definitely lead to a Pisces Pisces breakup. And you can do it without fear of rejection, Pisces. For both of you, try not to pour yourself into the relationship so much that you forget who you are. And for goodness sake, when you fall in love with another Pisces, take a real risk and loose the stratagems!

In conclusion, if these two sensitive fishes can take a risk beyond their normal evasive relationship tactics, the results are magical in this Pisces and Pisces compatibility! And the love making goes beyond the physical to a plane that even the meditation masters rarely reach! You both need to reserve time for yourselves, once in a while, because the end result is a star sign compatibility that transcends this world and beyond. Tags love love compatibility pisces.

Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Their greatest defence against the harsh realities of life is their joint ability to create this dream world that their Dreamer archetype so adeptly represents. How sad for Pisces and Pisces compatibility, therefore, that ultimately it could be these very illusions which also destroy this loving couple, when situations move beyond their control.

Do you want advice about your Pisces and Pisces relationship? Ask your astrology compatibility questions here, or invest in an Astromatcha compatibility report for an in-depth analysis of your uniquely sensitive relationship, covering both its challenges and its joys.

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